Start a Team

You may wish to start your own team if you and other relatives, friends and co-workers will be walking together and will work towards one common fundraising goal. When you start a team, you will automatically be assigned as the captain. This will allow you to view your progress plus your team’s progress and edit the team’s page, goal and name. This means each individual who joins your team will have their own personal page. Each team member can have their own fundraising goal they want to achieve. For instance, the team goal is $1,000 so each team member might have a personal goal of $200. Team members should reach out to their contacts for support by emailing them to visit their personal page and make a donation. The donation will appear on the Honor Roll for the team member who received the donation and it will also be reflected in the team’s fundraising goal on the team’s page.

Questions? Visit the Walk4Hearing FAQ.

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